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For Some reason I wanted to see the Oscars. I had not seen most of the movies, preferring to wait until they come out on DVD, (“cause its hard out here” period) and I could not cheer for my favorites, other then Crash. There was a lot of chit chat about the best place to see movies was at the movie house, but just about everyone has a big screen, a dimer switch and can make popcorn. So I wonder what is the reason for going to the theater. It used to be a cheap date, but no longer. Its not to watch the commercials that you ignore at home.

I can remember a time when you could listen to people as they left the movie talking “what did you think” “wasn’t it beautiful” “when did you figure out who did it” stuff like that. We were all on the same trip and sometimes you would find out what you had missed, didn’t understand or what you agreed/disagreed with. Now I float out into the lobby where there are hundreds of people, most of them having just seen a different movie, no community. I am not longing for the old days (Karl Lagerfeld says the good old days where not as good as think) but I find it interesting how we have changed.


Written by Bob Martin

March 6, 2006 at 6:22 am

Posted in Movies

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