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Art of Learning

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This past Friday I was out again painting from a model, outdoors chasing the light. A new friend was with me and was very excited about something that she was about to do that evening. She was totally lit with joy and it was contagious. What I noticed was her joy in that immediate moment, if that makes sense. It wasn’t what was going to happen. And so I stopped trying to get it right with my painting and just enjoyed the fact that I was doing something that I love to do and it didn’t matter how it turn out, but that I was lucky to be there. After all, all I suffered from was POP “Problems Of the Privileged” a term that another new friend introduced me to on Friday. So I took in the weather, the beauty of mountains and smiled. On Saturday I stopped by the Trailside Galleries (Scottsdale) to check out “Pino’s” one-man show and I learned something about simplification, which is very rarely taught. Most people I know, regardless of the task, look to put the kitchen sink into everything they do. So what I enjoyed about Pino’s work was how much was missing.

Later, I received a copy of an article, “Failing Grades” (The Pennsylvania Gazette) which is about how higher educations is not delivering on what it promises. Why this is important to me is that for some time now I had been thinking that we have gone credential crazy. That we have given up our ability to judge for ourselves. “It must be good, he/she has a masters.” We want someone else to approve our lives before we live it. So we have people looking to get degrees in things that like “movie critics masters or restaurant sitting phd” (i jest). The cost for getting these super credentials is placing tons of people into debt and that many of them will not be able to recover, especially (ironically) minorities and poor people. The article tells of a time, long time ago and far away, when people actually went to school to learn something.


Written by Bob Martin

March 20, 2006 at 1:16 am

Posted in Art

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