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Sounding and looking like George Carlin

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hornblowerFor some odd reason, Monday Night Class came to mind. I was talking to my daughter over the weekend and she asked about a couple of expressions that I like to repeat, #1 is to play the board which is an expression used in playing chess, not to get personally involved with you opponent. and #2 Keep tapping on the bridge, which came from "Stephen's, Monday Night Class" and it is a story about persistence and commitment. Well anyway, I went on line and found the this book from the seventies and started reading and wow I keep thinking about George Carlin, and like how he sounds the same and I wondered if I still sound the same. Someone will have to tell me cause I'm sure ain't listening to my self.

Well back to the bridge, there is this guy who decides he is going to tear down the Brooklyn bridge and starts hitting it with a ball pein hammer and as I remember the story, people think that he is crazy, but he stays with it and at some point the bridge begins to go into convulsions, if that's possible for a bridge. Sure enough the police have drag him off the bridge, cause it surely looks like its about to come down. Two lesson to be learned here, 1 almost anything is possible and 2 commitment and persistence will eventually pay off. Good advise I think for us painters/artist types.


Written by Bob Martin

April 11, 2006 at 1:25 am

Posted in Art

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  1. Some expressions from my Godmother Aunt Ida you might like to know: Pain tells you that you’re alive. People who are paralyzed don’t feel pain. (Sort of like feel the pain and go any way.) Also I appreciated her appreciation of our nightly hugs and morning hugs. She says the thing she missed most is the contact. Who do you hug? And as often as you can? Another thing I learned from Aunt Ida is that her mind is SHARP! She stays active, goes to church every Sunday she can, eats vigorously, laughs a lot, and appreciates like nobody else I’ve seen. I wish you could meet her.

    Fun One

    April 12, 2006 at 1:50 pm

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