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Art & Perception-A Challenge to Artists

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In one Karl Zipser recent post he discuses the difficulty that artist face and wonders why with all the money being spent on art that artist still seem to have a hell of a time. I don’t think I will ever understand why things go the way that they do, but there are three questions that Zipser suggest that he/we ask ourselves every day.

  • Do I wake up before sunrise to put my best into my art while most people are still sleeping?
  • Do I paint as though my very existence depended on it?
  • And if not, why not?

And now for something different. Long time ago I worked for a department store and I got to meet H. ( I don’t remember the first name) Sondheim, Stephen’s dad, who was a coat/suit manufacturer and all of us were very proud of Stephen. Most of us had never met him, but didn’t seem to matter. “West Side Story” had just become a huge hit. For some silly reason I’ve always felt like I had some exclusive ownership of “Somewhere”, as if I was among a very small group of people on the planet who knew about this song. On the “Sing Me Back Home” Album by the New Orleans Social Club there is a version of “Somewhere” which is perfectly placed.


Written by Bob Martin

May 3, 2006 at 1:37 pm

Posted in Art, Music

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