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“Means to an End” & “Cause and Effect”

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My Mother would always say "there are no promises and no guarantees". She got the saying from someplace, but I think she was referring to not Knowing anything about how life will turn out, you just have to go about your business as if it was the most important moment in your life, and it is until another moment show up. I am doing everything I can to become a great, meaningful, purposeful, and consistent Artist, not so that my paintings will sell someday at Sotheby's for $95 Million I think it's more about trying to say something about myself and my view of what going on around me, a visual representation of my thoughts. I'm reminded of John Mayer's lyrics "Maybe I'll tangle in the power lines And it might be over in a second's time But I'll gladly go down in a flame If the flame's what it takes to remember my name" . Sure hope it doesn't come to that. One thought is that I doubt that Picasso believed that "Dora Maar With Cat", was going to be worth this much and he had a high opinion of himself.

What's fun is to reread is "How To Be Creative" by Hugh Macleod, funny and true.

Dora Maar With Cat,

Picasso Dora Marr


Written by Bob Martin

May 4, 2006 at 7:12 pm

Posted in Art, Painting

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