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There is a saying that says Busy People get things Done. Well I’ve been busy and I am challenging that statement. I’ve not gotten much done lately and I have deadlines to meet.

A bright spot this past week (I should say a brighter spot) was that our daughter came to town unexpectedly to visit my wife and I. We took time off from being busy and drove up to Jerome AZ, a mile high city.

Jerome is an old mining town just south west of Sedona. It’s built on a hill, has about 500 residents, half of them Artist. There is a section of the town that was crippled from a mining accident years ago. Lots of old photographs and old timers to talk to as well as people from all over the country who decided that they wanted to live there. There are shells of buildings that date back over a hundred years, views of the San Francisco Peaks. It’s a destination for both breeds of Motor Bikers.


Written by Bob Martin

June 26, 2007 at 6:11 am

Posted in Art, Art Travel, Painting

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