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It’s Almost Done, "March Madness", Until Next March

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thedream Growing up in the south Bronx, before the projects, before the politically correct “inner-city” everyone played basketball, it was cheap and all you needed was a ball and a pair of Ked’s or Converse sneakers and you where good to go. The dream then was about being noticed in your neighborhood as someone who could play and be chosen for a team. The dream now is about being noticed and getting paid a few million per year.

We Never Had Muscle

This painting is what I and most of my buddies would look like now on the “B” court. I took some liberties and removed some of the stomach mass that has accumulated over the years and added muscle tone in the arms, where none ever existed.

It’s Ladies Night.

Tonight is ladies night, which features young women who are taller and more talented then anyone I ever knew.


Written by Bob Martin

April 8, 2008 at 5:13 pm

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