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Magical Possibilties for Youth with Disabilities and their Families

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In the last two weeks I’ve seen two productions of the Jungle Book performed by the Arizona Magic of Music & Dance. Both productions equally fabulous. What had these performances work is the four days at the Arizona Magic of Music and Dance Camp. Quoting Sue Grzybowski, Camp Volunteer Coordinator, in her thank you note to her volunteers.

As the curtain is about to come down on yet another AZ Magic of Music & Dance camp I can’t think but reminisce about the days that have past, and what a difference you have made. The laughter shrills squeaks, songs, smiles etc.; are great memories. Watching those in wheel chairs do gymnastics, dance, and act in ways which nobody could ever imagine.

It is the last part of her quote that was visible to me in the audience of both productions. The audience filled with family and friends began watching the performances as dutiful supportive observers and rapidly moved to Awe and Amazement, then on to laughter, cheers and claps and finally to tears. There was one man who could be heard emotionally saying “That’s my kid, that’s my kid”.

In seeing these performance I’ve been a witness to true transformation, both on the stage and in the audience. To learn more, to volunteer for next year’s event, to enroll your child or to donate please visit AZ Magic of Music & Dance


Written by Bob Martin

June 18, 2008 at 12:27 pm

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